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The Root Foundation and the people we are trying to help, rely on the kindness of our members and supporters, as well as the public’s goodwill and confidence. Therefore we are dedicated to protecting any personal information that we receive about you, whether you are only visiting (the website) or are a member, financial supporter or volunteer.


This Privacy Policy sets out how any personal information you send to us or that we may collect about you is accessed, used and covered by us, whether online, by telephone, text, email, in letters or in other correspondence.


To clarify our opinions and policies concerning your personal data and how we will treat it, please read the following carefully. By visiting the site, you acknowledge the policies defined in this Privacy Policy and agree to them.


The following is explained by this privacy policy: 



–    What knowledge will The Root Foundation gather about you? 


–    How can The Root Foundation use the knowledge we gather about you? 


–    When your information can be used by The Root Foundation to contact you; 


–    If The Root Foundation is going to reveal your knowledge to someone else; 


–    The choices you make with respect to the personal details you send to us and 


–    Usage of on-site cookies and how you can exercise your options with respect to those cookies.


The Root Foundation is committed to protecting your personal information. We are legally obliged to use your information whenever you supply such information, in compliance with all laws related to the protection of personal information, including the 1998 Data Protection Act and the 2003 Privacy & Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations.


The platform provides hyperlinks to third-party websites owned and run by them. These websites of third parties have their own privacy policies, including cookie use policies. We advise you to check these policies before uploading any personal data to a third party website if you follow a hyperlink to a third party website.


The policies of a third party will control the use of personal information that you send or that is obtained by cookies when you visit these websites. We take no liability or responsibility for the privacy policies of websites of third parties and your use of such websites is at your own risk.


  1. Who we are   


The Root Foundation is a nonprofit organization for the less privileged in African and the globe.

The Root Foundation is a Charity Foundation that believes that the condition of a tree’s root will determine how strong the branches will be, and how green the leaves will turn out to be. That is why we’re nurturing the roots for a healthy green leaf and a good fruit.


  1. What information will The Root Foundation collect about me?


We may collect and maintain personal information about you when you contact The Root Foundation to become a member, make a donation or sign up for any of The Root Foundation’s activities or online material, such as newsletters or telephone, email or write to The Root Foundation or communicate with The Root Foundation through social media platforms. This may include information such as your name, email address, postal address, telephone or mobile number, bank account details for donation processing, and whether or not you are a tax payer, so we can request Gift Aid.


You allow The Root Foundation (and where appropriate, any sub-contractors we can use to raise funds and provide you with the products, services, material, activities or online content you want by submitting your details. We typically do not ask members to supply “sensitive personal data” (such as information relating to racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, health information and political opinions). However if you disclose such information in emails or other correspondence hosted by our site, you agree to the collection and processing of this confidential personal data by us. Please do not include confidential personal details in your correspondence to or from the site if you do not plan to agree to this.


If there is a valid justification for the collection of confidential personal data, such as if you are participating in a marathon or similar fundraising event, or if this is required to ensure that we have sufficient facilities or resources to enable you to participate in the event. On applications for such activities specific notifications will be given so that it is clear what information we need and why we need it.


The Root Foundation can still collect such data from you, such as your IP addresses; if you are merely browsing the web as an anonymous user (an IP address is a number that can uniquely identify a specific computer or other network device on the internet).


If you use one of our online forms to enter your contact details, we can use this information to contact you even if you do not “send” or “submit the form. We would just do this to see if we can assist with any issues with the form or with our websites that you might be having. 


The data we gather about you and the information you send us can be combined with information we obtain from other sources.


Cookies are also used by The Root Foundation. Small text files on your computer are cookies. Your web browser creates them when you visit a website. Your browser sends the cookie file back to the website’s server any time you go back to that website. For example, by remembering your preference settings and by measuring your use of a website to ensure that it meets your needs, they enhance your experience of using a website.


  1. How will The Root Foundation use the information it collects about me?



Your personal details will be used by The Root Foundation for a variety of purposes, including: 


Either by post, email, text, social media, message board or any other means, in connection with any correspondence you have entered into with us;

For “service management purposes,” which means that The Root Foundation may contact you on grounds relating to donations you have made, such as your tax status with respect to Gift Aid, the completion of commercial or other transactions that you have entered into with The Root Foundation, or the operation or online content for which you have signed up;


For internal recordkeeping, site maintenance and internal processes, including troubleshooting, data processing, monitoring, statistical and survey purposes. 


You’ve agreed with The Root Foundation to fulfill sales contracts; 


Contacting you for any content that you provide;

To invite you to participate in surveys or study (participation is always voluntary) about The Root Foundation or our work; 


Where you have expressly consented to obtain marketing messages from us for marketing purposes (see below); 


Provide you with the details you have agreed to receive about our activities or online content; 


Use of IP addresses to identify user locations, block disruptive use, set the number of visits from different countries;


To evaluate and optimize the activities and content provided by the platform and to give you the most user-friendly navigation experience. For marketing and strategic planning purposes, we can also use and report information in aggregate (so that no individuals are identified);


To inform you of our service changes; and 


To keep our site safe and stable, as part of our efforts.


  1. For marketing purposes, will I be contacted?


For marketing purposes, The Root Foundation can only contact you if you have given us free consent to do so. You may give that consent in different ways, including by reacting to television ads (where consent statements are clearly visible) or face-to-face by engagement with our employees through online or paper forms. 


For specifics about how to modify your contact habits, like opting out of potential marketing messages, please see section [10] below.


  1. Personal information submitted when you make a donation or purchase a ticket



When you make a donation or buy a ticket using our platform, we collect your first and last name, and your email address. Your credit or debit card details are only obtained by our third party payment processor, PayPal, when you make a card payment. Your credit or debit card information are not kept by us. 


We will also receive your tax status statement and your home address if you want to demand Gift Assistance for your donation.


  1. Will The Root Foundation share my personal information with anyone else?



For the purposes for which it was collected, we will only use your knowledge. The Root Foundation will not share or sell your personal data with any third party for marketing purposes under any circumstances, and you will not receive offers from other companies or organizations as a result of providing us with your information.


We may share your information with selected third parties, including “data processors” such as our service providers, related organizations and agents who assist us in planning and sending our projects and fundraising activities related materials. Only under our guidance will these “data processors” function and we will not allow these entities to use your data for their own purposes and will take care to ensure that they keep your data protected.


We can disclose to third parties your information: 


In the event that we buy or sell any company or asset, we can disclose to the prospective buyer or seller your personal data; 


If The Root Foundation, or substantially all of its properties, are purchased by a third party, one of the transferred assets would be personal data retained by the members;


Where disclosure is necessary or authorized by law for example, to government agencies for tax purposes or law enforcement agencies for crime prevention and detection, subject to a written request from those agencies); and 


To enforce or apply our terms and conditions or to protect the freedom, property or protection of or members of, or others of The Root Foundation. For more info, see Section [7].


  1. Offensive or unacceptable material posted on the website



We may use your personal details to stop such activity if you post or send offensive, inappropriate or unacceptable content to or anywhere on the web or otherwise participate in any disruptive behavior on any of The Root Foundation’s services.


If The Root Foundation reasonably assumes that you are or may be in violation of any applicable laws (for example, because the content you have posted may be defamatory), we may use your personal information to warn relevant third parties about the content and your actions, such as your employer, internet provider or law enforcement agencies.


  1. Where we store personal data concerning you

Transferring personal information overseas can sometimes be appropriate. When this is required, only within the European Economic Area is knowledge exchanged (EEA). Data can also be processed by EEA-based personnel working for us or for one of our suppliers. Such employees can engage in the provision, inter alia, of the products, services, documents, activities or online content that you choose or process your payment details.


You consent to this move, saving or processing by uploading your personal data. To ensure that your data is handled safely and in compliance with this Privacy Policy, The Root Foundation will take all reasonably appropriate steps.

Unfortunately, it is not fully safe to transfer information through the internet. Although we will do our utmost to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee that your data transmitted to the site will be safeguarded; any transmission is at your own risk. We will use strict protocols and security features once we have obtained your information to try and avoid unauthorized access.


  1. How long would my personal details be kept by The Root Foundation?



We will keep your personal details on our systems for as long as it is appropriate for the related activity, such as maintaining a donation record for at least seven years. 


We will maintain a record of your contact details and appropriate information if you request that we stop sending you marketing materials, so that we can comply with your request not to be contacted by us.


In general, if you contribute material to us, e.g. user-generated content or in response to a specific campaign, we will only maintain your content as long as it is fairly necessary for the purpose(s) for which it was submitted, unless otherwise indicated at the point of generation.


  1. What is the policy of The Root Foundation that allows me to update, correct or remove my personal data?



For us the quality of your details is truly significant. We want to make sure that we can connect with you in ways that please you and provide you with knowledge that is of interest to you. Please contact us if you would like to change how we interact with you or update the data we carry. Maybe you:

Emails us at :

Or contact us at:


You can also opt out of marketing emails at any time by clicking on any marketing email from The Root Foundation using the unsubscribe function. 


You have the right to request a copy of the personal information we keep about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected under the Data Protection Act. (For information requests, we charge €10 and ask you to demonstrate your identity with two pieces of authorized identification).


Please address requests and questions about this or any other question about this Privacy Policy to the Executive Director, The Root Foundation,


  1. Cookies Policy-Data obtained by The Root Foundation from your computer or mobile device 


  1. And what’s a cookie?



Small text files on your computer are cookies. Your web browser creates them when you visit a website. Your browser sends the cookie file back to the website’s server any time you go back to that website. Cookies are useful because they allow a user’s computer to be recognized by a website. To find more cookie detail, click here.


Cookies do a lot of different jobs, such as helping you to easily switch between websites, remembering your preferences, and enhancing the user experience in general. 


They will also help ensure that you and your preferences are more important to the adverts you see online. 


  1. Why are cookies being used by The Root Foundation?


Like several websites in order to provide you with a more personalized web experience, The Root Foundation uses cookies. 


Cookies help us identify which sections of the website are used by individuals and help us to focus on certain parts of the website in order to enhance the user experience.


Information generated by cookies also enables us to assess the success of The Root Foundation’s online marketing campaigns. This helps us to make sure that any money we spend on digital marketing gives us a good investment return. 


You consent to our use of cookies when you register with us or if you continue to use the platform.


  1. Changes to The Root Foundation’s Privacy Policy


By amending this page, The Root Foundation can at any time update this Privacy Policy, so please review this page from time to time and take note of any changes. In particular, each time you send personal information to The Root Foundation, you may wish to review this tab. If you do not support these modifications, please do not continue to use the website.


  1. Contact Us


If you have any comments or queries concerning our Privacy Policy, please email us at  or Call us :+31-62-830-3171